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Security FAQs

Concentra Trust, trustee and promoter of all funds managed by Northwest and Ethical Investments L.P. use the INVESTORTRAX system, designed and maintained by L&T Infotech. , which enables investors to access their fund data from home via the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except for a 15-minute interruption to run the daily update procedure, in normal operating condition (see About the System). Investors can obtain information about their transactions, the book value and market value of their units, the foreign content of their portfolios as well as other financial information. L&T Infotech. has ensured that INVESTORTRAX carries the latest and most sophisticated security features.

INVESTORTRAX was developed and designed so investors could access information about their mutual funds. The Internet makes access easy, but it also requires security control mechanisms. Investortrax is equipped with such mechanisms and therefore, unauthorized users cannot access your account information and data transmitted over the Internet is secure and private.

The security mechanisms include:

Encryption and Decryption
Our Web site uses 40-bit and 128-bit encryption technology to ensure that unauthorized parties cannot access your personal information. Data sent from the user's PC is encrypted before transmission. Encryption converts the data into a format that can be safely transmitted over the Internet. Encrypted data cannot be read until it reaches its destination and is decoded, using a decryption key.

Digital Authentication
A digital authentication certificate is issued and managed by a recognized and trusted certification authority. Northwest and Ethical Investments L.P. uses Entrust, a world leader in certificate authentication, to ensure that Investortrax encrypts client data and certify that it originates in Investortrax.

User Authentication
Only users with the correct combination of User Code and Personal Identification Number (PIN) are granted access to the Web site. The user code is unique to each fund company and the PIN is unique to each individual.

As an IBM Business Partner, Northwest and Ethical Investments L.P. is proud to offer quality technical services using industry standards to ensure confidentiality and a secure, user-friendly environment.

Email communications

Three functions of the Investortrax application will provide an e-mail. These are the Inscription, the Investor Info and the Contact Us.

You will receive a first warning when you get out of the secured zone and a second warning will be to indicate that you will be back in the secured zone as soon as the e-mail is transmitted. It is not recommended to send confidential data and information via e-mail.

The confidentiality of personal information and your security are important to us.

Concentra Trust, trustee and promoter of all Funds managed by Northwest and Ethical Investments L.P., has taken all the required measures to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal information. We have a strict internal policy whereby your file can only be accessed by employees whose professional duties require them to do so. The information we have about you can never be released or sold.

Why do we need your personal information?

There are many reasons we need your personal information, but the main ones are:

The right not to provide personal information

Although we need this information to properly meet your needs, you may, at any time, refuse to provide or withhold certain personal information. However, in that case, we will not always be able to deliver a complete range of services, advise you properly or meet some of your needs.


Cookies are used to browse from one function to another without using your User Code or Personal Identification Number. Cookies must be activated in order to continue browsing after you have obtained your account listing. We are the only ones who can read your cookies.

If you don't activate your cookies, your session will end automatically with an error message ("Session ended") and go back to the home page.

Monitoring procedures

Northwest and Ethical Investments L.P. regularly receives and reviews data (e.g., reports on denied transactions, frequent complaints, client surveys, etc.) so it can monitor the information on its Web site.

Steps you can take to improve your security

Although we do everything possible to ensure your security, there are certain steps you can take to help:

Personal Identification Number: Use an alphanumeric Personal Identification Number, i.e. a combination of letters and numbers. To make decoding more difficult, use a series of 8 to 12 lowercase and uppercase letters. Lastly, change your PIN regularly and don't rotate the old ones. To change your PIN, use Change PIN in the ACCESS tab.

Empty your browser's cache: At the end of each on-line session of financial transactions, it's important to empty your browser's cache. This will prevent intruders from gaining access to your personal financial information. For more details on how to empty your cache, please contact us by using the TO CONTACT US tab.

Take the time to end your session properly: You will reduce the risk of intrusion by taking the time to end your session properly. Although you will be disconnected automatically after an idle period, it is best if you log off yourself once you have completed your transactions and thus reduce the amount of time until the automatic disconnection.

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